• Dr MP Singh

Conducted one-day workshop on first aid under Road Safety Week

Faridabad 15 January 2020 - A one-day program on First Aid was organized under Road Safety Week under the leadership of Vikas Kumar, Secretary, Faridabad Red Cross Society, according to the order of the Transport Commissioner and under the direction of Additional Deputy Commissioner Faridabad, in which authorized spokesperson of St. John Ambulance India And master trainer Dr. MP Singh gave detailed information on Golden Hour and Actor MP Singh said that while driving the bus on the road, one should not apply sudden brakes and the bus should be parked at a fixed place to take off and climb the bus before checking the bus, its oil water brake mirror wipers etc. should be checked in the bus. Rude and vulgar songs should not be played, everyone has the right to travel in the bus, so one should not insult anyone by adopting human qualities. Using Man pointer words must drunk should never simply not run on this occasion Dr. MP Singh and Darshan Bhatia described the ways of transporting the injured to the treatment of unconsciousness, treatment of fractured sprain etc. and also made the rehearsal of CPR and recovery position, on this occasion Works Manager Jitendra Yadav Transport Manager Navneet Bajaj Foreman Sukhbir Singh DI Shivdutt and Training in-charge Upen Nagar was mainly present, Dr. MP Singh said that he was late at home due to the accident. E via alerts to your waiting is to focus on these things must run their buses and were on the road should respect the signs and symbols over its bus speed should not run.

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